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Nov. 13th, 2010

(no subject)

I havent been blogging as much here!! Basically its been same shit different day. Heres the past few months in a nutshell.

My boy doesnt sleep through the night :( and we have gotten into the horrible habit of having him sleep on my bed.

I can not believe i have a 5 month old babes. He is such a funny little dude now. Still has no teeth but i think any day its gonna happen! We just sleep and play all day long :)

Im a hockey mama now. My older boy plays every week. And every week i sit in the stands, baby in tow. He loves it. Its the part of the week he looks most forward to.

If im not home, then im in the good ol city of toronto with my BFF. She also has a baby 3 month younger. Its pretty cool that it turned out that way.

Im addicted to babysteals.com, someone needs to take my credit card away :P

Ive become a health junky and it annoys the crap out of those around me.

Im starting to hate the cold.

I went out partying one night. IT was so fun! but the following day was living hell. i have never been so hungover in my life. it wasnt worth it at all. i highly doubt ill be doing that ever again. good friends and good fun was had.

i love wow, hating the idea of cata

ex's are annoying.

i will have to write a more in depth post soon!

i leave you with my a pic of the lil dude with his fro!

mmmm food

big dude....soccer time!

(no subject)

Love it.... organic and made in canada... does it get any better?


(no subject)

= cool


definitly a must have

Nov. 8th, 2010

(no subject)

I want this stroller so badly !!!!


My current stroller angers me!!! My wee dude isnt very old and its already apparent that i need a new one!

May. 29th, 2010

(no subject)

So its 7am and i have been up since 530am. on a sat morning which is disappointing.

This morning i was sleeping. i got up to pee X2 or X3 times from 230-530. At 530 i felt what seemed to be a huge kick, no biggie happens sometimes. AA few seconds later i felt water, which could not be controlled. I jumped up as soon as i realized i couldnt control it then it ALL CAME out. I sat on the toilet for a while then went to get the phone. It was still coming out so i sat on the downstairs toilet for a second. it HAD to be my water breaking, right? Im not sure!!!

Its almost 730 and nothing really has happened since 6am. I am not in labour, i am not having contractions. I basically feel normal accept freaked out and in wonder about if it was my water breaking.

Ive done a load of laundry.

Ive eaten corn pops.

I will update later!

May. 25th, 2010

(no subject)

Well.... no baby... and no signs of a baby coming anytime soon :( Its hot and i am absolutly miserable.

Ive been on mat leave for almost 1 full week and im going crazy. The week went by effing slow and i still have a week or two till he actually is surpossed to come. wtf am i surpossed to do with that extra time.

It was like 30 degress today, but feels like 36 with the humidity. im in disgust. My daddy brought be a new a/c for my bed room. this is now where i hide from 2pm on. its loud as hell but worth the coolness.

DR today did a 'check'. She had these fake acrylic nails and i was freaked out about her putting them near my neather regions. Well she did it and it HURT like a bitch. i dont want to do that again. I was 0cm dialated and cervix is still high. so basically labour isnt even slightly closed :(

well i have nothing even remotly interesting to say other then above (which isnt even interesting to anyone other then me :P )

May. 14th, 2010

(no subject)

LOL AWWW i had a surprise baby shower at work. It was sooooo sweet. I wasn't even working today but i had said i would be 'on call' since the other nurses were away at a conference and there was no registered staff in the building. This isn't unusual and Ive been the on-call staff before, last time it was a real cool knife wound! Well i get a call this morning about a guy who is coming in on his lunch break to get a rash checked out, and they need me to come look at it. Well this freaks me out... im thinking 'what am i going to be able to do for a rash?' i had no doctor in today, and even if i knew what the rash was, i still wouldn't be able to do anything, or prescribe anything. So i freak out about it for an hour. I HATE rashes. They are so non-specific and all of my nursing skills are soooooo not dermatology related. So i get out the big ol nursing assessment. I spend the hour trying to memorize as much of the info as i can so when i see the rash i wouldn't be totally clueless. So i get there and there is no guy with a rash. They tell me he is in the meeting room, and of coarse when i walk in there is all the staff with a giant cake and tons of food!! They totally got me on this one, i had absolutely no idea that they were going to do this. They even had my dad in on it. He was the one who was going to get me there, it sure worked cause i called him as soon as i got the call. I cant believe i studied all that info! It was so sweet of them to do this. I got all sorts of things i didn't have yet for the baby. They got me lots of bath stuff and a cute little bath tube. There was lots of outfits, onesies and undershirts. Little tiny hats and bibs! Awww i <3 them, its going to be weird not working there for a while.

So i have 24 days till this baby is due to arrive. He still is nameless. I think his middle name will be William (after my brother), but first name is still unknown. I finally have his crib (which i spent to much on) and his dresser. He also got his car seat/stroller from my mom. I got his pack'n'play, swing and highchair a while back which is all matching. I'm so excited that he will be here in less then a month! I really need to pack my hospital bag! Tomorrow is the baby shower, which im excited about as well. I haven't been able to go out with the girls like i was before so seeing em all will be so fun!

I got a gift from my sister. She is also pregnant (about 20 weeks along) and this will be her 5th child. She made a baby blanket by hand. I just love it! It looks like it was made out of baby receiving blankets or something. But obviously a huge amount of work went into making this. I know she has made others for her kids, so she must have really found a knack for this. I can see baby having this blanket forever.

Today may be my last day of work. If not my last day will be Monday. I have to work only 4 hours today at my other work (long term care). Lately i have been having MASSIVE swelling. I wear compression socks daily to try and hold it down, but even that isn't working anymore. Each day i don't think it can get any worse but each next day it beats the previous days record. I can hardly walk or move my toes by the days end. and i definitely no longer have ankles. I don't think i can handle any shifts more then 4 hours, certainly no more 12 hours!

Final Thought: IM ALMOST THERE! its hard to believe that about 32 long ass weeks ago, i was posting that i was pregnant!

May. 6th, 2010

(no subject)

mmm i ate one mini oreo cookie, now i must eat them all

worked 7pm-7am lastnight, then slept for maybe 4 hours, for some reason i cant seem to sleep longer then that.

i visit the hospital tonight! excited about that!

only4.5 weeks till this little boy is here!!!!!!!!

Apr. 20th, 2010

(no subject)

Well im still pregnant... and getting tired of it!! 7 more weeks to go! (but lets hope he comes in 5 weeks)

So for the past while it has felt like he has been sitting up real high. Well yesturday and today it was all like "where did you go". He just feels like he has gone. lol but i KNOW he is there. Im wondering if he dropped already?? i cant remember at which week they drop...

behold... 32 week pic

32 weeks - e

PLEASE little boy, come early!!!

Apr. 10th, 2010

(no subject)

IM BORED!!!!!!!!!!!! OH SO BORED.

Its nice out today but its friggen COLD!

I cant remeber if i posted about this or not but i FINALLY MOVED. I love my new house. Its so awsome. There is so much SPACE, which was badly needed. And it has a perfect view out back. i just LOVE it. Today i have been in the house one full week!

I set up babies stuff, well the stuff i have so far, i still need a crib and dresser for him. I really need to get cracking with preparing for him.

I got a raise at work. Which i barely notice since it was like 50 cents.

Almost 32 weeks pregnant, only 6-8 WEEKS to go (lets hope its more like 6)

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